Working Together for a Better Business Community


A vibrant community with many wonderful offerings

Arlandria’s multicultural business community runs primarily along Mt. Vernon Avenue and encompasses a variety of national brands and independent retailers. The area is popularly known as Chirilagua, named after a village in El Salvador, a place where many residents and business owners have strong family ties. Arlandria is home to a popular regional entertainment destination— the legendary Birchmere Music Hall.

Arlandria-Chirilagua is wonderful place to live, visit, shop, and dine. Come enjoy a unique culinary experience at Arlandria’s restaurants and eateries, which represent many cultures and styles of cuisine. Come spend the day in Four Mile Run Park, perhaps for a special event at the community center, a picnic in the park, or shopping at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings. In the evening, be sure to get a ticket to a concert at the legendary Birchmere Music Hall, a prime entertainment attraction in Arlandria. Whatever your interests may be, always be sure to VISIT ARLANDRIA!


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