Why should I join Arlandria Chirilagua Business Association?

ACBA Members benefit from a wide range of resources, and have access to many opportunities for growth and activism in the community. We welcome you to join us! Please find the instructions at the bottom of this page.

  • To have access to resources & to be informed:
    Receive information about relevant business opportunities, regional news, upcoming meetings, educational seminars, & special events.
  • To have an influential, united voice in your community & in the City
    Representation & government advocacy on new projects, policies or issues that will impact you.
  • To create a vast network of contacts that will support you & connect you to new opportunities:
    Businesses, organizations, City representatives, and community members.
  • To increase exposure and recognition for your business/organization:
    Marketing opportunities, customer referrals, partnering opportunities;
    Take advantage of unique promotional opportunities at a variety of special events, programs and workshops.
  • To make a difference in your community:
    Protect Arlandria’s character; improve its economic vitality; beautify the community;
    Advocate for initiatives that YOU would like to pursue.

Type of Membership & Annual Dues

Type A: $100 per year Type B: $75 per year Type C: $50 per year
Any business or property owner Any nonprofit organization Any individual citizen

To Join ACBA:

  • Open the Membership Form PDF on the right hand side of this page
  • Fill out the Membership Form and send via
  • MAIL
    Arlandria-Chirilagua Business Association
    P. O. Box 2308
    Alexandria, Virginia 22301
  • Make checks payable to: Arlandria-Chirilagua Business Association & send to address above